Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Bridesmaid Dresses: Take 2 (or 3?)

I don't really have an idea of what I want for the bridesmaid dresses, which is odd, because I'm usually a pretty particular person. I think I'll know when I see it, though.

And I might have just seen it.

Aria Dresses seems to be a great solution to the bridesmaid dress conundrum:

Colors that appeal to me, styles that look good on all, look that fits with the garden-type feel but matches the formality of my dress, and affordability.

It's a lot to ask for. But as my mother always reminds me, "Ask and ye shall receive."

Look: my colors! And look: eyelet! (it screams "garden party"!)

Okay, so I'm thinking the eyelet might be a little much for my dress, so we should probably stick with the shantung or the duchess satin:

Aaahh, much better. Me likey. **Note to self/photographer: Don't ask bridesmaids to "lean closer" to bride. Resulting picture looks ridiculous.

But wait! Don't we need different styles of dresses in the same colors and fabrics???


And another plus?? Dresses average about $160 for the shorter style and about $190 for floor-length. Holla!

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Chloe said...

Nice photos.!! Those all are gorgeous bridesmaids dresses.