Sunday, September 14, 2008

3 Hours Alone + Computer + HGTV = Trouble.

So while Tom (side note: I'm dropping the initial thing because I FINALLY realized that since our names were in the url I was just being stupid!) is off at an in-service and staff meeting, I'm here, alone, with a computer, HGTV, and carte blanche to spend time as I see fit.

Anyone care to guess what the 5 other screens are opened to:
1) House listing
2) Budget calculator
3) Fantasy football score
4) Wedding scenario #2
5) Wedding scenario #3

So while the idea of moving the wedding up is practically dead, I figured I would do some re-con work anyway, so if the opportunity arises, I can be prepared. :)

So, let's just pretend for a few minutes, shall we??

Scenario #2: A Cocktail Reception @ Cog Hill

One thing Tom will not budge on is the size of the guest list. We're looking at about 200 people. Yikes. To include everyone on a much shortened budget, we can host a cocktail reception as I mentioned earlier in the week. At CH, we can have an open bar, 10-12 pieces of food p/p, plus a dessert buffet for about $5,500. No joke. Tempting, eh????

So if we went this route, I wouldn't change the color scheme or such. I'd shorten the event to about 3 hours or so, with an after-party option ---something simple: a bonfire, bowling, etc.

Other expenses: flowers & photography (and speakers for an iPod hookup, maybe?)

Scenario #3: An Intimate Family-Style Affair

So if for some reason Tom was to cave on his original guest list demands and we kept it simple (i.e. immediate family & grandparents only), I would LOVE to have a small, intimate sit down dinner @ Maggiano's. A huge family-style dinner consisting of appetizers, 2 salads, 2 pasta dishes, 2 meats and 3 desserts is only $24.95/person. Crazy, I know!!! Add on a consumption bar, taxes and other misc., the price tag is less than $1,200.

If we did this, then I would nix the blue/green scheme and just opt for a simple bouquet of light pink peonies and a simple boutonniere for him. All other flowers would probably be nixed.

Music/dancing would probably be limited, and the party would be relegated to Lucky Strike Lanes over in Lombard. I LOVE this place. Instead of hard, plastic chairs, the bowling alley has sectional couches, red velvet curtains, low-hanging paper lanterns, and just an overall fun atmosphere.


Anyone out there have any fantasy budget scenarios out there?????????


N said...

Love the Cog Hill idea! But no to Maggianio's. It wouldn't be a wedding/reception, it would be a celebration of the wedding/eating afterwards. That's cool for me, but you want more! You want centerpieces and pictures! Don't you?

B said...

Haha, Nic, you seem more attached to this wedding idea than I do lately...

Do I love the wedding I've been planning? Definitely.

Would I trade it for something simpler and more intimate? In a heartbeat.

Becca said...

I LOVE the Maggiano's idea personally. We could all get nice dresses, go to the justice of the peace and out to a FABULOUS dinner. Then, I would hold a nice reception for all the other 175 guests another weekend:) I'm in, just give me at least 48 hrs. notice:)!!