Friday, September 26, 2008

The Weekend...

Lake Katherine's Waterfall Garden

So this weekend, we (Tom, his mother, my mother and I) are taking a trip to Lake Katherine, aka the number one potential spot for the wedding reception. We'll be meeting with the rental coordinator, with whom I've only spoken with on the phone before.

The significance?
  • This is the first "vendor" we're actually meeting with! :)
  • As the reception site, this will play a big part in "setting the tone" of the party
  • It's weird (and coincidental) that the only weekend available to check this place out just happened to be the weekend of our 5th anniversary. :) It's kinda fun to think we'll be at "our place" looking into wedding details!

Other fun-ness this weekend: My Gocco should arrive!!! Yahoo!

Have a good weekend everybody!!!

Oh, and more to follow on the dessert reception crisis...

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