Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Ice Cream & Chocolate & Cake - Oh My!!!!

Two posts in one day?? Somebody stop me! (Quick: name that movie!)

Below are some amazing photos of a dessert buffet (borrowed from the ever-amazing Elizabeth Anne Designs,) designed & executed by the Vanilla Bakeshop.

How fantastic would this be (in epic proportions, of course) as a dessert wedding??
  • Ice cream cones/sundaes/shakes (wouldn't it be fantastic to bring in a vendor like the Plush Horse!?!?!?!)
  • Cheesecakes of every shape and color (okay, maybe just three or four flavors)
  • Wedding cake
  • Cookies :)
  • Pie! (Tom love rhubarb pies!)
  • Assorted pastries (eclairs, cream puffs, lemon squares, etc.)
  • Chocolate covered strawberries!!!

Plus, check out this awesome idea that someone is executing at their wedding:

A Smore's Bar!!! Holla!

So, picture an evening ceremony (say 6:30 pm), followed by a 7:30 reception that lasts until about 11 pm. Desserts would be available throughout the night, and the drink menu would also be plentiful :) I'm thinking we could serve bottled Jones sodas, hot cocoa/coffee bar (with flavored syrups, Kalhua, Bailey's, whipped cream, chocolate shavings, creamers, marshmallows, and more!), and some standard iced tea & water for refreshment. Dancing would probably begin around 8:00, with a receiving line and the standard dances prior.

Thoughts???? C'mon, I totally wanna hear 'em on this one!!


Becca said...

LOVE IT!!! I'm just thinking that with the time frame mentioned, people are going to be hungry and may not just want to eat sweets. maybe the timing could be pushed back a little more! Or maybe the wedding could be earlier and we can eat inbetween and then head to the SWEETS!!!

Marie said...

Awesome idea! I agree with becca about maybe pushing it back or making sure people realize it will be a dessert reception. Maybe adding some fresh fruit, and a couple of desserts that wouldn't be to sweet. Yes I just said that, I'm sure you are in shock. :)