Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Oooh. Pretty.

I'm sorry for saying this for about the third time in a week, but I am again swamped at work, therefore drained of both time and creativity (hence the boring title).

Anyhoodle, I've managed to find a NEW topic to post on today.


So as it stands now, my hair is fairly similar to the picture on the right....somewhere between chin and shoulder-length, layered, flippy-ish and brownish-auburn. Lately I've been getting the itch to grow it out. Not super long, just maybe a little past my shoulders, with longer layers. I don't really want to mess with the color as I really like what my natural color has become, and I don't want to keep having to spend money on the upkeep of highlights and what-not.

I've always said, though, that on my wedding day, I want to keep my hair fairly similar to how I wear it usually, as that tends to look better and more natural on me. But I couldn't help falling in love with this hairstyle and wanting it. A Lot.

See what I mean? AWESOME. Simple and elegant, but not tight and severe. Plus, how easy would it be to tuck the veil underneath with a small comb/bobby pins and be done, without the crazy tiaras???


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