Tuesday, September 16, 2008

...And Scene.

Okay, so I think that my elopement freakout from last week is almost over. Almost.

Not that I really need to explain myself (because I do believe that the reasons for it were justified...), but work's been crazy and it just seems insane to think that we still have 21 months until the wedding. Blah.

So, after crunching lots of numbers, several heart-to-hearts that always seemed to include an obscene amount of eye-rolling from Tom, and a few chats with family and friends, I'm back to setting my sights on a June '10 wedding.

BUT, last week was eye-opening for both Tom and I in a few ways. I think that most couples, in the throes of wedding planning, forget to take a step back every once in a while and reevaluate their priorities. And last week helped us do just that.

Tom's Priorities:
  • Wedding after graduation
  • Catholic wedding
  • Complete guest list
  • Fairly traditional in structure
  • Tuxedos (I'm not really sure why on this one...he just wants them as opposed to suits)

Beth's Priorities:

  • Intimate affair (even if there are 200 people there...)
  • Photojournalistic photography
  • Personal, customized touches (as opposed to doing things for tradition)
  • Good food :)
  • Elegant romantic feel to ceremony / fun, fresh feel at reception
  • Not spending the GDP of a small country

So, it appears that our priorities are fairly opposite. The strategy? Compromise.

For instance, Tom has already acquiesced to having a non-traditional cocktail or dessert reception as long as the guest list remains untouched. I've given in to the Catholic ceremony, as long as it's held at my family's church.

The rest? Well, that all remains to be worked out. But, be on the lookout for lots more posts exploring new directions we may be taking.

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