Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Stinkin' Cute Save-the-Dates!!!

I found another blog "Prom to Altar," and figured it was worth checking out...and boy, was it!!

Check out these save the dates that this crafty woman came up with:

(Courtesy Prom to Altar)

All the little ticket stubs and what not are momentos from their relationship - trips they've gone on, the place where they became engaged, etc.).

I love a few things about this:
  1. It's customized & personal. I think many people lose the vision of what their wedding is: a celebration of their love & relationship, not just an excuse to throw a party. I think when weddings reflect the personalities and tastes of a couple, they are more fun!
  2. I love the photo-strip. My original idea was to do something similar, but instead, we'd be holding up a sign in each photo, so it reads "Save" "The" "Date" with the last photo being the actual date.
  3. How perfect would this be for us? In high school, being that we were goofy 17 year olds, we'd write each other notes throughout the day. I had kept most of them at one point, filling an entire shopping bag. I'm not sure if I still have them, though. We were pretty silly, though. Tom had band class the period before mine, so he'd write me a note while sitting in class, slip it in my music locker, hide it in the grand piano or xylophone for me to find, or slip it to me on the way to his next class. I'm sure they were intercepted a few times, and I'm pretty confident a few of them are probably still stuck in the grand piano in the band room...

What do you guys think of them? Are they too informal? Does it even matter?????


Becca said...

I LOVE the idea of your photo strip with a word in each!!

Marie said...

I think they are cute. Save the dates can be as informal and fun as you want.

Nicole said...

I just found your link to my blog-- thank you! Everyone LOVED our save the dates. Our wedding invitations and all the rest were more formal, and we saw these as a chance to be silly and have some fun.

We actually used the "photo booth" photos (taken in our living room, really) in our favors as well. Photos here:
and here
It was neat to tie in the first wedding thing we gave our guests (save the date) with the last (the favor).
Good luck with planning!