Friday, September 5, 2008

Returning to Regularly Scheduled Wedding Programming...

I'm sorry for yet another hodge-podge post, but I've run past some of these pictures, and I love them!!!

This is from a wedding that the couple hosted in their own was awesome looking!

Teehee. Doesn't that just make you giggle? :)

And below are two centerpieces made of wheatgrass. It takes 7 days to grow the wheatgrass about 7 inches, and it only costs about $1/lb. I think it would look fantastic on tables: it's short which would allow for easy conversation over it, it's fresh & green, and it's fairly inexpensive.

Also, here's a photo strip save-the-date:


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N said...

Love the save the Date ohoto strip. you have to do have a photo on those things anyway- fun it up! love the grass too- it would go with the garden theme. However, if you do the whole buffet/appetizers/cocktail idea, it might take up too much space on the table. just a thought. . .