Thursday, September 25, 2008

I Need a Favor.

I need you to comment on this post.

Here goes:

Let's revisit the dessert reception idea. I'm still fairly torn as to what to do.

The Pros:
  • Delicious!
  • Unique
  • Cost-effective
  • Allows for variety
  • Allows for mingling
  • Shorter reception (that's a Pro to me!)

The Cons:

  • Might not hit everyones' tastes
  • Too unique?
  • Timing is strange
  • No structured order of events

So, this is my school of thinking right now:

12:30 pm Ceremony @ church (no mass, just ceremony)
1:00-ish - ceremony ends, begin BRIEF pictures ( I don't want a lot at the church...)
1:30 - Reception begins (only about 15 minute drive tops, so that works out...)
2:00 - Bridal party entrance after pictures, segues right into first dance...
4:30 - finish

Invitations would read "Dessert reception to follow" in order to make it very clear that there is no standard meal provided.

Desserts would be in abundance, approx. 8 selections per person (including cake slice).

So for the questions:

As a guest, would you find this to be "acceptable"?

As a member of the bridal party (if you are), would you mind a 12:30 ceremony, meaning preparations would begin potentially around 8 am?


Becca said...

I think that
A) to start a dessert reception @ 1:30 is very odd timing as opposed to a, say, 6:30 time.
B) whatever time you need us to get ready is fine with me, it's your day.

i think that if the above timeline is what you have to work with, than it should just be a cocktail reception. If it's over @ 4:30, are we going to do something afterward, or is that it?

Anonymous said...

Totally agree with Becca on both points! But, I think a dessert reception is unique & perfectly ok if that's what you wish but only after dinner time. Mom

Marie said...

A) I thnk as long as the invitation states "dessert reception" It would be fine because people can have lunch before they go to the church.

B) Whatever you need me to do! It is your day!

Nicole said...

Beth, it's your wedding! Wedding- big and grand. Your- You, it belongs to you! So I don't care about an 8 prep time! It's YOUR WEDDING.

Also, if you mention " a dessert reception" people (hopefully) are smart enough to know what that entails.

I love the idea!