Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Random Fun Facts

So the splitting headache I had yesterday has turned into a full-blown sinus infection (awesome.), which really makes even looking for wedding pictures not really fun. In light of this, and the fact that our five year anniversary is Sunday, I figured I'd post some fun, random facts about us.
  • On our first "date," Tom's car broke down and we sat in the parking lot for over 2 hours talking.
  • We didn't technically begin "dating" until 3 days later (which we celebrate as our anniversary).
  • I memorized Tom's phone number the first time he called just by looking at the caller ID. Weird.
  • We never really had "the talk" about continuing to date long distance. It was just understood.
  • Our proposal was originally supposed to take place outside, and Tom had even recruited a friend of mine to hide out and take pictures. I, however, not knowing it, complained because I didn't want to go outside and take a walk. At that point, Tom was so frustrated, he completely gave up on trying to coerce me outside. Haha.
  • One of Tom's goals is to travel to all 32 NFL stadiums for a football game. So far, we've made it to 1. :)
  • Wherever we travel, we always get a local bottle of wine. I picked up a bottle in Heidelberg, Germany and had the label personalized with our names. I also bought a bottle of meade in Ireland. Together, we've picked up 2 bottles, one in Tampa and the other in Michigan.
  • Tom collects nutcrackers. Tom was obsessed with them in high school (probably because they have weapons), and I just began picking them up for him. He has 3 that I bought in Germany (imagine going through security & customs with those!), a short, fat 6 inch guy, a few regular looking ones, 1 I bought from Dutch Village in Holland, MI, and one Buccaneers football player.

Anything else you want to know about us?

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