Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Lifescapes at Montefiori

I was going to do one of these a day, but I can't contain my excitement. So, behold Montefiori:

Le sigh. I love it.

And what's even cooler is the bit of history behind it. The land, all 28 acres, was bought by the owners of the Como Inn (a restaurant that hosted many a family dinner for my mother's side of the family, including my parents' wedding dinner, and, if I'm not mistaken, my grandparents' reception --- correct me if I'm wrong, Ma). The land was purchased because it reminded them of their native Tuscany. Throughout the years, they cared for the grounds, eventually naming it Montefiori (Mountain of Flowers). A few years back, the son of the original owner sold it to the management company that runs it now. It currently houses 3 reception sites, plus the old family home.

Michelina's Pavilion

Pine Grove

Fabulous, right? It's absolutely everything we want: natural setting, elegance, coordinated, etc.

The downside? The cost. Yesterday I estimated a $70-90 price range. Today, the sales manager emailed me to let me know that the current Saturday evening cost is $115 a person. Without tax. And gratuity. Factor another 20% onto that and we're looking at a $135 pp price tag, meaning the reception, for 200 people, would cost a whopping $27,000.

Do you know what $27,000 is? That's already thousands over our budget. It's also more than the amount of student loans Tom and I have, combined. It's a sizeable house downpayment. It's a car. It's more than most kindergarten teachers make in an entire year. Before taxes.

There is no way I could convince myself to spend that kind of money, even if we somehow came into an unknown inheritance or lottery winnings. To me, there are few things in this life worth $4,500/hour.

...and so we trudge on in our search. Stay tuned for more on the Danada House...

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