Thursday, September 18, 2008

Somebody, Please, Talk Me Off My Ledge. Or Join Me.

So a few weeks ago, as I plunged into the unknown depths of wedding blogging, I came across a crazy word.

Gocco. (Go - Co). Like Loco.
The Gocco, as I quickly discovered, is a home-printing system that is having quite the renaissance in the U.S. Apparently the manufacturer in Japan didn't get that memo, as they decided to stop selling them in the U.S. Then, most cruelly, they decided to stop manufacturing them completely. (Though they'll still manufacture replacement parts and inks for the next 5 years...).

Gocco = magic.
turns this:

into this:

And it makes these:

And these: (much like what I want to do!)

And these:

And even prints on cloth like this:

Is it not magical?????????

Now for the price. I've been offered one for $200 + shipping. Quite a steal when you consider there's several on eBay for $250 + shipping. And upwards.

And at first, I wanted it. And then I hemmed and hawed and looked up my bank account. But I still wanted it. And then, a lightbulb went off!

I can take the money for the gocco from my wedding budget!!!!!

It would be used to create the invitations, right? And probably the programs. And the thank-yous. And maybe placecards. And, well, whatever I wanted, right????? And, since these are only going to go up in value as less and less become valuable, it's an investment that I can re-sell, right???? Right???

Who's with me?

Who thinks I'm crazy????

HELP! Comments needed ASAP because I need to email the seller right quick!

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N said...

Okay, so I read the post yesterday, but didn't comment. Frankly, you're nuts. In a good way! You re creative and find things no one ever hears about. $200 is an awesome price, but is it worth the hassle? What if they don't have your desighn, or what if the ink is really expensive and you need like 3 cartitages? (I know I can't spell.) So my questions to you- don't you think you've spent enough already? All of this dollar here, dollar there, wedding dress here, printer here, adds up. Who do you plan to print your invitations? You or a professional printer. Remember all the trouble we had doing Dad's retirement party invitations? And can you even buy it still, or am I wasting my breath?
P.S- It's me that voted two times for the toppas reception! I love it! But desert is my next favorite. . .