Monday, August 18, 2008

Back to Kindergarten: A Lesson in Shapes

So it looks like everyone I've talked to (read comments from), etc. likes the lantern idea. And lucky for you all, I was able to find a picture of some green ones! :) Cool, huh?

Keeping the whimsy vs. classic debate in mind, what do you think about tables? There's the traditional rounds, 8-10 people per table, etc. The picture below is obviously not the correct color scheme, but you all have imagination, right? (**Note: those are most likely the chairs we'll be using as well, if that helps any...)

Now in recent years, the banquet/long rectangles have become quite a popular choice as well. I think they're a bit more fun and make it easier to converse, but I think they change the look of a room dramatically. Plus, how would you even do table cards?!? I don't want to even begin thinking about that nightmare!! But they are nice to look at, aren't they??

Next comes my personal favorite (but please, don't let that sway you!). I present to you:

THE SQUARE - ta da!

Well, these are a bit more rectangle, but put on your imagination hat and bear with me...

I think they're fun and trendy, but the lines they create are definitely clean and classic. And they won't even give me the table card nightmare I'm dreading...

As guests who will be sitting in these, I'd very much like to hear all of your opinions: good, bad, neutral, ecstatic, loathing, etc.

Oh, and the money really doesn't make a difference, since the cost in tableshape is negligible, though I believe the banquet would be the cheapest route...

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Anonymous said...

I think the traditional round would be best(allows conversation & easy place settings & tablepieces); but the banquet style is ok only if you are not serving family style (there is no room on the table for serving dishes; the square looks too cool but conversation would be difficult across such a big space & you probably wouldn't have room for all the tables. Mom