Friday, August 15, 2008

Lighting in the Tent

So let's take a quick vote: All those who have been to a tent reception, say "Aye." (Aye!). All those who have not, say "Nay."

Good - now that we have that straightened out, I need all you "Ayes" and all you "Nays" with imagination to continue reading.

A tent is very much like a blank canvas --- we're designing the layout, the dance floor, the lighting, the electricity, the kitchen prep area, the ventilation, the bathrooms --- EVERYTHING. As such, we get to be as creative or as boring as we want. Now we've already discussed the overall feel/theme to the reception, which is a chic/garden/fun ambiance. Since it's quite a conglomerance of those ideas, I'm going back and forth as to how to pull that off.

Lighting is a huge factor when it comes to setting tone/mood. There are 2 basic options for tents: chandeliers and paper lanterns. Now before you come to any judgements/conclusions, take a gander at the pictures.



I sort of like the whimsy of the lanterns, and the fact that there would be more of them. I don't like that they attract attention to the top of the tent, which is pretty ugly, actually. It's absolutely unreal at how many options there are for the lanterns...we could do a mixture of blue, white and green if we really wanted to. I wonder what kind of strange light that would give off, though...

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