Monday, August 25, 2008

This is T signing on...

Hey this is T. B suggested that I post on the blog from time to time so you readers can get to know me as well so here I am. This post is going to be about my Highland Games in Davenport that I attended on Saturday. So overall i feel that the competition was good and I enjoyed myself. I was in the Amateur A class which is the second highest class at this competition. I finished second in my division and along the way broke two field records In the Braemer Stone, 35'6, and the Open Stone, 47'5. (Both of the old records were 34'9 and 43'5 respectively.) I felt that that's not a bad day at the office. I also won one other event, finished second in another, got two 3rd's, a fourth, and an 8th to compile my 27.5 points good for 2nd place. The guy who finished first only beat me by a half a point (kinda crappy but ooh well). IT was really good though because after this competition my national ranking went from 620 something to 71st. This was also my first competition that I competed in all of the events. The first two competitions I did I only did 5 events. Also I felt that for my 3rd competition I made my name a little better known.

I wanted to also take the time to give props to my fiance B for hanging in there all day. She got just as burned if not more burned than I did and hardly complained. I also just want to tell you all how appreciative I am to have her. Regardless of whether she knows how these competitions go or hwo I prepare for them soemtimes she is as supportive as a friend that I can ask for. About two years ago when i thoguth I was doen with sports due to a serious ankle injury she pushed me on and would not let me give up and even though she had only a small idea of what I was going through she ketp pushing and pushing and that allowed me to bounce back and compete today at almost 100%. She doesn't always understand but shes there for me regardless.

Now that I put that out there the next stop on my meet schedule will be at Naperville,IL for the Jaycees Last Fling on Labor Day weekend. I will be throwing both days at 9 in the morning so for those of you who know us and are not busy come on out for a little bit. Well I think that is all for now so until next time enjoy this website.

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Ah T! your the best!
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