Friday, August 8, 2008

Putting the Cart Before the Horse: A Discussion of Flowers, Invites, Themes & Colors

So it's fairly obvious that I'm on wedding overload right now...My thoughts are swimming with flowers, cakes, invitations, photographs, tents and more right now. The good news is that we (I) have a basic plan/theme in my head, which should make bargain shopping that much easier! :)

Based on the location (Lake Katherine), our (my) initial thoughts are to stick with a floral/garden theme without looking like Better Homes & Gardens visited. I'm not really a floral/garden type of girl, so this should be fairly interesting. I should also point out that I'm going to shoot for classic/preppy/contemporary all at the same time, lest it veer towards the "old bedspread in a cheap motel" look.

With that in mind, here are some of my initial thoughts for the following:

Invites: I'm all about keeping this simple & organic (can't you tell by my penchant to make everything difficult?!?). These invites are done by a freelance graphic designer in MN, and are fairly straightfoward...The colors would be similar to the "Cyan" and "Leaf" in the color chart...

Flowers: There are actually three links in this, as I can't figure out what I'm leaning towards. One is a very clean, modern bouquet of bright blue hydrangeas and green berries, while the other is more of a dusty blue hydrangea that still has the specks of green. One is bright and fresh, Two is soft and romantic. Then there's this lovely hybrid of both, which seems fresh but subtle. Ugh, the choices are seriously endless. The even scarier part of this whole mess is that this is only the bridal bouquet...there's still bridesmaid bouquets, boutonnieres, corsages, altar arrangements, and centerpieces to consider.

So I don't think I stated it outright, but our "color palette" will be an apple green and a pool blue. Now I don't want these colors to permeate, just like the garden theme, I merely want this all to have a common chord. For instance, while you might see the table linens being that color, I promise that I won't serve "blue" cheese on the green salad, or anything crazy of that nature. I personally think that's a bit irritating and over-kill, and am aiming for something subtle and tasteful, yet bold.

Question for the day: Can something be subtle and bold at the same time, or have I just been looking at waaay too many color swatches today?

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Mom said...

I like the first bouquet, very colorful but it still depends on the colors of the girls' dresses... Mom