Monday, August 11, 2008


The first step to dealing with an addiction is admitting you have a problem, right? Well, I have a problem. Everytime I turn around, I'm seeing ideas/projects for the wedding...I can't make it stop!

This weekend was no exception to that, either. Let's begin with Friday, shall we? A simple, innocent trip to Michael's has become the start of a super-crazy-hairbrained idea. I've decided to make the invitations myself. I know, I know, crazy. I'm not a big fan of DIY kits, mainly because they never turn out the way you envision, and they all have the same format/design. But while browsing through the cardstock aisle, I came across a line of paper/cardstock/envelopes that looks like it's targeted towards smaller parties and papercrafters, as opposed to weddings. All of the colors are bright and bold, no pasty whites or ecrus. The cost? $3 for 10 invites & envelopes. Response cards are $2 for 20. My grand total? $40. The price for the invites I linked to in the last post? $300. I have some experience in graphic design, and even if I decide I can't make these, I have enough contacts from work/school with graphic designers that I can get something simple done fairly inexpensively. Even if I take these to Kinko's and have the printing done semi-professionally, I'll still be spending under $100. Unheard of. Oh, and I also purchased 15 yards of apple green ribbon. Hey, it was only $3.

On Sunday we were able to check into the date snafu, and we're sure lucky we did. It turns out that the 12th is the Saturday of the carnival, so we'll move the wedding a week to the 19th. I should change the URL to the blog to match that, but that would probably create confusion and whatnot, so I'll probably just keep it...

I've also had lots more thoughts on music, decorations, beverages, and whatnot. But if I explain them now, what will I have to post later this week?!? I know the suspense is killing you...

- B

PS - I didn't realize that the links to the bouquets don't work, so I'll be reposting those later today...Whoops!

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Nicole said...

I absolutely love the invitation idea! This will make it very personnal, and save you moola, which I love. And remember, if it doesn't work out- big deal! $70 or so. It's great that you're trying and you have the time and creativity!
Oh- and good idea about not changing the url. But, who am I talking too!