Thursday, August 28, 2008

Do Me a Favor...

So --- let's discuss favors.

Favors have sort of become a tradition at weddings. And though the tradition started in France with royalty, eventually spreading to Italy (beginning the tradition of Jordan almonds...), favors in the US are sort of a hot-button topic.

Are they necessary? How much is appropriate to spend? Aren't my guests just going to throw them out?

I'm pretty torn on this topic. As a guest, I really don't care about them. As a hostess, I feel sort of obligated to give them. However, I also feel that if I am going to send something home with my guests, I want it to be something useful and practical. And most likely edible.

So, I would like all of your thoughts. My mother has made her opinion perfectly clear: she thinks they're a waste of money, and I shouldn't bother. She also feels that way about corsages. Way to be difficult, Ma! ;)

A few ideas I like:

Yum. Chocolate covered sunflower seeds. Cute, tiny, fairly inexpensive.

Again, but in a tin I think is cute. But without the sticker. That's sort of lame.

Yum. Chocolate truffles in a cute box. Delicious, yet expensive. They average about $2 a box. $2 multiplied by 200 guests = $400. For chocolate. Do you know what I could do with $400?!?!

So, what are your thoughts (as the possible recipients of these)??????


N said...

I feel your pain! I don't like favors if they will be useless, as most of them are. With that being said, I do think it is a tradition, and some people will come to expect them. So I say- go big or go home. The chocolate covered sunflower seeds are cute, but who is going to eat them? The truffles are really your best bet, but $400? C'mon. So I decide- No favors!
P.S.-Thanks for the wreath! Loves it!

Becca said...

I also think that they are a waste of money. But if you are going to do favors, make sure they're edible. I can't tell you how many favors I throw out!

Alina said...

I think favors can be fun if you are having a theme... they can add to the theme! My favors were bookmarks (which I made myself) and they went along with our literary theme. I thought of them mostly as somethign to dress up the tables and just assumed guests would throw them out!