Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A Hodge-Podge Post

Isn't that T just something else? It's easy to get wrapped up in all the goofy details of a wedding, and when I hear him talk like he just did, it really grounds me again. :)

And, you all should totally come see him on Saturday & Sunday. There's a ton going on besides the Highland Games --- activities for kids and adults alike! Check out their website for parking information, directions, and a complete schedule of activities!

So I mentioned last week that I was making a birthday cake for my niece's 5th birthday. But this was no ordinary cake. Behold, the castle cake:

While the picture does not showcase it's full sugary glory, you at least get an idea of why I spent 5 1/2 hours decorating it!

Back to the wedding front, I've found a ton of spectacular and helpful blogs in the blogsphere. The first one, Snippet & Ink, has some really great "inspiration boards." She compiles all these great pictures and fuses them together to help set the tone and design of an event...

(Courtesy of Snippet & Ink)

The next blog I've found is sort of ironic: Elizabeth Anne Designs. Haha.

(Courtesy of Elizabeth Anne Designs)

This board is entitled "Blues & Apple Greens." While this is a little brighter than what we're going for, it still gives off the "garden party" type vibes.
I also found one last board that I love, A Practical Wedding. It's nice to look at the opulent weddings on all these other sites, but reality sets back in when you look at your bank statement. This blog shares money-saving tips and helps you to focus back in on the purpose of the day. I recently read somewhere (maybe IndieBride?) that one should really focus on planning this as a party where you happen to get married, instead of the other way around...
I know two things for sure right now:
1) I'm very confused. Prepare to watch me vacillate between the two extremes for the next few months...
2) I cannot wait to be married. Life may not be easier, but it sure will seem simpler than this purgatory nonsense...

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rebekah at elizabeth anne said...

We hope to help you plan "opulence" without the cost! Let us know if you need anything.