Friday, August 22, 2008

Taking a Quick Break

Considering I was up until 12:30 last night decorating a "castle cake" (which turned out pretty amazing) for my niece, I'm going to go low key today and not post any pictures or anything.

Or talk wedding. Shocking, I know.

Anywhoodle, I figured this would be a good time to make a few Public Service Announcements.

PSA #1: T competes in another Highland Games tournament tomorrow in the Quad Cities. Looking forward to a 2-hour drive starting at 5:30 am. Once you get into this "circle" of athletes, things get pretty intense. He was invited to the meet, then later received an email saying they were looking forward to his visit and that there will be a personal masseuse on call for the entire competition, and that he would be provided with free food and adult beverages. Nice setup. Think maybe he'll send over some beer and a massage to his bored fiancee on the sideline??? I'll post his results (and hopefully a video & some photos) on Monday or so...

PSA #2: I enjoy bargains. Lots and lots of bargains. So, do you know what tomorrow is? That's right, you guessed it, $12 Jeans Day at Old Navy. Rest assured I've already logged in and made my "save for later" list so tomorrow morning, at 5:30 am, I can login and in 3 clicks have my $12 jeans purchased...Oh, and kids jeans are $7!

Now that those are over, I figured I'll just give you all a quick update on what we're up to in non-wedding-land...

T: Besides his Highland stuff (and he has another meet next week, too), he's gone back to school. He's keeping pretty busy with training and whatnot, and is gearing up for a major semester. He's beginning the selection process for his two internships, and has narrowed his choices down to three: two are athletic training gyms, the other is the athletic center where the track team practices for indoor season. He's also had his first meeting to get information on his cooperating teacher for his assignment in the classroom this semester. As if he didn't have enough responsibility already, T has decided to adopt two goldfish, Opal and Virgil. Maybe I'll convince him to post some pictures of them...

B: Nothing major on my front...certainly not like T's! I'm running another 5K on Oct. 18th, near the Lincoln Park Zoo. It should be a good time. And no, I haven't started serious training yet. Surprise, I know. On a completely opposite note, I made some fabulous miniature cupcakes for the office today! :) Homemade dark chocoloate buttercream frosting and all --- I'm practicing my domestication early!

One last point:

The last poll was pretty tied --- It seems like a lot of people would enjoy the booth, so we'll just have to see how much the photographer will cost and make some decisions from there...

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