Saturday, August 16, 2008

The Bouquet Winner! (And Some Boutonnieres...)

Well, it turned out to be a close race in the end, even though Bouquet 1 was leading 4 to nothing at one point...

...but the winner was Bouquet one, with 4 votes. Bouquet 3 came in second at 2.

To be honest, I voted for 1. But I liked 2 a lot as well. I wasn't really a fan of 3. Tom voted for 3, though. I'll probably go with 1, just because I'm carrying it, not him. I'll let him pick out his boutonniere...maybe. Hahaha.

People don't really associate hydrangeas with boutonnieres, and for good reason. It's a bit of an odd flower, especially because of it's size. But, what do you guys think about these instead of the standard roses?

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