Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Love It or Hate It? A Bridesmaid Dress Vignette

So below is a dress I found by "facestalking" on facebook. I saw a few girls from college that I knew wearing this at a wedding, and I absolutely loved it. So, I asked for the style and voila: I bring you a dress by Bill Levkoff:

I love the neckline especially, but am not too sure of the hem length. It's the classic "tea length" which is right below the knees, but is bordering close to street length (which means mid-calf, right??). I know this picture doesn't really do justice to the fabric draping and rouching, but it is absolutely fantastic.

Except for the color choices. Ugh. We have the choice of a celadon green or a powder blue. And I love the formality that the black dress gives (not to mention the fact that it actually can be worn again!), but I don't know how that would come off in pictures...


1 comment:

Becca said...

not so sure about the dress, especially on me. I like the fact that it could be worn again though!